Stranger - EP

by Bec Bastoli

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released June 20, 2015

Produced, recorded and mixed by Chris Gillespie
Mastered by Adam Dempsey
Album Artwork by Rebecca Bastoli

All songs written by Rebecca Bastoli, except 'Letters' co-written by Rebecca Bastoli and Maizy Coombes

Rebecca Bastoli - Vocals, Guitar
Maizy Coombes - Violin, backing vocals
Laura Bishop - Accordion, backing vocals
Mark Stevens - Double Bass
Kirsty Bromley - Backing vocals


all rights reserved



Bec Bastoli Sydney, Australia

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Track Name: Stranger
I am scared of the city,
and the people I pass.
Grey to me the buildings rise,
And just as hard to grasp.

Asleep we are all walking,
eyes down and minds tired.
One foot in front of the other,
I didn’t see your face when you smiled.

You’re just a stranger to me,
You’re just a stranger to me.

Then I saw colour in your eyes,
framed and thoughtfully timed.
Your words I held onto,
I looked for you in the crowd.

Now I’m stuck in a rhyme,
Fear I’ve said too much.
Scattered verses poorly timed,
I’ve sent across the skies.

You’re just a stranger to me,
You’re just a stranger to me.

This is not a song
About you just yet
You are still in the wings,
and I don’t know what part you play.

I am falling in love
with the idea of you,
Little did I know
just what could be true.

You’re just a stranger to me,
You’re just a stranger to me.
Track Name: Quiet Place
Meet me in the middle of a quiet place
In the eye of a storm
You will know me by the wind in my hair
I danced around the edges of your eyes
For much too long

If I were a painter old and content
With how my mind had shaped
Each and every canvas
Still, I would never be able to capture
The colour of your eyes. They endlessly move
When you smile, I am blown away

Meet me in the middle of a quiet place
In the corner of a room
You will know me by the dust on my lashes
The books were piled higher than my gaze
Could see, I kept an eye out for you

I can’t seem to hold myself still enough
I have fallen in love with a thing that moves
And as it does it tugs my heart like a
String had been tied between the two

At times it is fast, your gaze takes hold of mine
And as we run through a world of ideas
My chest soon forgets what rest is

Meet me in the middle of a quiet place
I’ll wait in the rain
Even as the wind whips through my hair
You will know me by the hope in my eyes
I’m leaving soon
And I have some hope left for you
Track Name: Herald
I entered life unknowing
Standing tall as do we all
One hand crossed behind my back
Hoping that no one would see

That big things come in small packages
Yours is brown paper tied up with string
But would you ever take a look
And see what’s inside
Your heart, your heart

And the red lips that speak soft words of wisdom
Have travelled far
A herald to your presence
The laughter on the wind is yours

That laughter calls hearts alike
To be the breath, the voice
But would they ever take a look
And see what’s inside
Their hearts, their hearts

The last time I saw you
There was no laughter in your eyes
Something has changed, something has left
Now you have to ask

Why you’ve come here, why him
And how long will you stay
For the first time you look to see
What’s hiding there
Track Name: Letters
I want to write you a letter
For you to make a place for it on your shelf
So years from now nostalgia
Will bring you thoughts of me

I’m still not sure of where reality is
In daydream, sleep or time
A made up verse, a hope, a riddled rhyme
A romantic’s lonely sigh

Of all the lines I wrote
I’ve only sent a few onto you
Pages of our hopes and dreams
I have kept to myself

But out of fear, not greed or bitterness
They’re folded in the back of my mind
Decide I must, do I move to walk away
Do I stay and doubt another day

If I never get to see
What pattern my feet made on your page
I’ll still be better as will you
Just write to give the words some space

Now my thoughts I can revisit
A letter sat on the shelf
No longer lost like a heat printed receipt
That time has left to fade.
Track Name: Other Grounds
I would say that I floated
But that would be too kind
I would say that the wind
Pushed me right from behind

To carry onto a meeting place
A land where I am silenced
Where I can dream and listen too,
Touch my drying skin

I have learned of where home is
To where my soul can rest
But rest is not my goal
For many a year and draws of breath

For I have will to walk
And test my feet on different soil
To shape my mouth on different sounds
To round out rhythm and call

To learn my tongue to lift and fall
New steps new beats new sounds
Words of another country
Minds grown from other grounds

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